That's A Tune #20

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I've been obsessed with listening to a lot of 90s songs recently and this track has quite literally been on repeat many times over the last few days. The song I'm talking about is by Brandy and it's called Sittin' Up In My Room'. This song is super chilled out and the lyrics are very true for most people. It's classic 90s R&B at it's best. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Smart But Casual Outfit

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ok before I start this post, I'm sorry for the terrible quality of some of these photos. I took them in the evening so the lighting is not the best, but I wanted to show you my smart, but yet casual outfit that I wore a few days ago. The top I'm wearing is from Primark and it's about 5 years old I think, the blazer which I love is new from New Look and my black high waisted trousers are from New Look too, I'll link the trousers here as they are still available at the moment. My metallic pumps are from Kurt Geiger and I got them in the sale about 2 years ago.

My makeup for the day was very natural.

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That's A Tune #19

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I have a bit of an obsession with 80s music. There's great upbeat party songs, the songs from the New Romantic period and there's power ballads created for the soundtracks of some classic 80s films. In this case we have a legendary movie song called 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' by Starship. This song was for the film 'Mannequin' which is a really fun and light hearted movie where the maker of the mannequin falls in love with  her when he realises that she comes alive only when he can see her. Sounds strange at first, but honestly it's such a sweet film and it's an 80s classic so you got to love it! I hope you enjoy the song.

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The best liquid eye liner- L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Liquid eye liner is something that I wear on and off, but whenever I do wear it I remember why I love it so much. It just gives you that sleek and polished look that you want when you are trying to perfect great eye makeup. I have one particular liquid eye liner that I stay faithful to as it does everything that I want an eye liner to do. This is the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim. There are many reasons why I love using this product. The first is that because the felt tip pen is so thin it's incredibly easy to apply the product without messing up and like the name suggests you can very easily draw a very thin line, or you can draw a thicker line with it to give you a more intense look. Another point is that colour wise it's one of the blackest blacks I've seen in any eye product before, so it really has great colour pay off. I also find that the longevity of this eye liner is pretty amazing. I can wear it all day without it smudging or disappearing off my face. L'Oreal really does have some great makeup, particularly eye makeup which is why almost all my other eye liners are from them too.

You can see how thin the felt tip pen is here.

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That's A Tune #18

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

So this weeks song is by one of my favourite artists to come from X Factor: Olly Murs. He teamed up with Travie McCoy to make this song called 'Wrapped Up'. Like most Olly Murs songs this is a very upbeat, feel good song that really puts you in a great mood, no matter how you are feeling. I didn't even hear it that long ago, but I already know how the chorus goes (mind you I know the words to a lot of songs, so eventually I'll be able to sing the whole song haha). It's super catchy and I love it, so I hope you will too.

I really hope you enjoyed this weeks song and liked this blog post.
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COLAB Dry Shampoo- review

Sunday, 9 November 2014

When I heard that Ruth Crilly was going to release a dry shampoo that promised to have 'sheer invisible' formula I got very excited. As I have naturally oily hair my hair gets greasy quite quickly, which means that I have to wash it every other day. This means that I rely on using dry shampoo on second and a bit on third day hair before I wash it that evening. What does annoy me about other dry shampoos is the chalky, white residue that gathers up in your hair once you've used dry shampoo and even once it's brushed it still feels heavy in your hair and of course if you have darker hair it leaves a grey cast behind it.

I decided to buy two mini versions of the dry shampoo as they were on offer. I bought the Tokyo scent and the New York scent. As expected the Tokyo scent has an oriental fragrance to it, while the New York one has a fruity scent to it. I love both the scents as they both make your hair smell fabulous! On application it's true that you can't see any white residue in the hair which is amazing! You simply spray in the roots, massage it into your hair and then you can either brush it out or you can leave it in as that won't affect the feel or look of the hair. It is so lightweight on the hair that you don't even feel that you are wearing it, it's brilliant. Performance wise it's also really great because it does make your hair feel more refreshed and it definitely absorbs grease well. That said I wouldn't use it if you're on more than 3 day hair as I don't think the light formula of it would be able to hide and prevent loads of grease showing through the hair. Overall I think it's a fab dry shampoo and I will definitely buy a full size version of one of these, probably the Tokyo one as I prefer the scent to that slightly more than the New York one.

I really hope you liked reading this review.
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Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser primer- review

Thursday, 6 November 2014

I was reading a glossy magazine and when I turned over one of the pages I saw this little sample of the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser which is their version of a primer. I've only ever really tried one other sample of a primer and that was a Clinique one, but I didn't find that one very impressive. However I was curious as to how this one would perform, so I gave it a whirl. As soon as I opened the sachet I realised that it was a silicone based primer that appeared to be translucent, which is good if you want to wear it without any makeup on top of it. Another good point is that I couldn't smell any obvious fragrance that would put people off, so that's a nice bonus. I found that it applied really smoothly over my skin and glided on without any hesitation. The time it took to sink into my skin was very fast which I liked. I decided to apply it only to one side of my face so that you could see the difference between the two sides. On the left I had no product on, on the right I had the primer on.

Left side (bare in mind I was in front of a mirror while I was taking this).

Right side

I hope that you can tell that my pores in the second photo are significantly reduced and also most of the redness that's usually there is toned down quite a bit, whilst in the first photo my pores are easily visible and the area surrounding them is very red. In terms of the staying power, I've been wearing this all day and it's now well into the evening and my skin still feels smooth and the right side of my face still looks better than the left side of my face! hahaha.

I really hope you enjoyed this review and I shall see you soon xxx

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